Monday Motivation!

Celebrating Children & Childhood

November 14th is a day marking childhood & to make this day a memorable one for JJs Cubs, a fun Children's Day event was organized across locations. 

The day was commemorated with immense joy & boundless energy. Nothing stopped the kids, be it rains or the chilly weather. 

- One important thing we can surely teach the Lil ones is the idea of good health & staying active. On the other hand, we have so much to learn from them- enthusiasm, laughter, adaptability, curiosity, zest for life, etc!

- JJs@ Vijaynagar & Hebbal celebrated their 6th & 4th anniversary this weekend with a great bash!

- Congratulations to all the runners from the locations for coming together all these years as one big family & showing how fun it is to work out & crush goals together!

- Hearty congratulations to two awesome runners who secured Podium finishes at the Mysore Celebration Run Event: 

Nagendra (VJN) - 10K

Biddappa (HSR) - FM. 

Have a runtastic week ahead!

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Garmin @ JJs

Dear JJites,

We are happy to announce that we are one among the top performers for GARMIN this year.

We are a preferred Seller for Garmin watches!

Any one looking for Garmin can connect with L.N.KUMAR 9886401014 or KIRAN 8431068099 for some exclusive offers.

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Eating Secrets of Champions!

A book by Ryan Fernando, India’s leading nutritionist with over two decades guiding athletes, film stars and daily office warriors. Ryan has accumulated a wealth of nutrition expertise, counselling abilities and an ability to join the dots on therapeutic, paediatric & sports nutrition strategies.

Ryan is a long time partner of JJs and many have benefited from his expertise - look for Nutritionist Session Recording under the News category.

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The Ultra warriors !

JJs  continues to have fantastic results on Ultra Circuit as well ! Acknowledging some of the achievers here,

  • Taher - Everest Base Ultra, 60K, Sky Ultra 60K & Malnad Ultra 50k
  • Vijay AM & Ravi Sura - Khardungala Challange 72Km 
  • Dr. Chiran & Dr. Shredhara - Malnad Ultra 80K
  • Krishna Srinivasan (KS)- Malnad Ultra - 110K 
  • Also we have Sirish Anjal compelting 50K at Malnad & Team of about 15 getting ready for Pune Ultra 50K !

And what is next from here ? Taher is attempting 24 hours in desert of jaisalmer 

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JJs Quarterly Leadership Meet!

The core team of JJs led by #CoachPramod along with the Location Leads of all the 10 locations had a day long off-site meet to discuss and strategise the way forward.

The team brainstormed on how to maintain consistency of training & communication and enhance the quality of experience of each and every runner across all locations.

The team also participated in an extensive mind mapping exercise to develop a road map for the next six months.

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JJs New Locations

Health and fitness has never been this important for a city which has constantly been on the move. Demanding work days, harmful work postures and increased commute hours has not helped either. Notwithstanding, almost 600 JJs take the opportunity to energise themselves between 5-7 AM in the morning to deal with these pressures. Obviously, the news has spread, more and more Bengalureans are asking JJs if they could join this fitness movement.

Launching 3 new locations (click here for details) :- 

  • Malleswaram - led by DJ - champion of building teams of passionate runners
  • Electronic City - led by Pratik and Madhavi - a passionate running couple who drove for years from EC to Jayanagar just for running
  • Kengeri Upanagara - led by Geo - rocket of JJs@Vijayanagar

If you have friends in these areas, refer them to respective Location Leads.

Wishing runners from the new locations a warm welcome! Look forward to see you all in upcoming combined runs!

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TCS Pre-Run and Post-Run Party pics

We had a fabulous time before, during and after TCS 10K. Did you? Figure out for yourself!

T-Shirt distribution photos

Post Run Breakfast pictures

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Thank you TWTK!

The TWTK Program comes to an end with participation of almost 600 JJs in TCS World 10K 2018!

The saga of JJs journey thru the TCS World 10K is illustrated with pictures on JJs Facebook Post

If you haven't Liked Jayanagar Jaguars on Facebook, please do so now to get further updates on happenings at JJs.

Congratulations to all the participants of the #TWTK2018 program!

Thank you for continuing to believe in our training programs!

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Taher on top of the world

Even though Taher Merchant has put the highest running mileage amongst JJs in last couple of months, he was not to be seen. Where was he?

Taher's training starts when it's pitch dark - even the dogs are sleeping at that time. He has run Nandi Hills up and down... and then some more. For what? 

Past few months, Taher has been training for Extreme Ultra - a 60KMs Ultra run which starts from Everest Base Camp and ends at Namche - that is after a 6-day trek to reach Everest Base Camp. Moreover, it does not help that the air is thin and temperature varies significantly during the day.  

Jayanagar Jaguars wishes him all the best for the run!

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Taher meets Simbu

Taher Merchant, one of JJs ultra-runners, and part of team Simbu (the fastest FM group of JJs), gets to meet none other than Alphonce Simbu - the winner of 2017 Mumbai Marathon.

Simbu was kind enough to bless Taher's t-shirt with his autographs. Wishing Taher Simbu's speed and wishing Simbu Taher's mileage!

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Ravi Sura bags podium

But the news is not just that! Here is great example of completing your prescribed workout !

Ravi Sura frrom Team Simbu achieved first place in KTM half under Men's Seniors category with a timing of 1:47:47 !

He continued to complete his weekend training mileage of 30k today at specified pace.

He kept his pace to precision!  Incredible Ravi !

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Here are Coach's tips on favourite topic of Shoe selection. 

No specific brand is better than other - all are competitive so some model of one brand might be better than other brand. 

Shoe selection is an art rather than science and can be perfected after trial and error. So experiment with cheaper options first e.g. Bata's Running shoes as bit cheaper. (running not walking or general purpose).

You need to look for following things in shoes :-

  1. Must be light (this again in relative term) 
  2. Must be flexible at sole - Try bending the sole in direction of foot movement and it should bend easily 
  3. Must have material that will allow feet to breath - a mesh on top. 
  4. Your feet should feel comfortable - once you tie up the laces try wiggling your toes within shoe. They should move easily.
  5. Runners with broader feet, try brands which can provide you broader shoes e.g. Asics has 2E type so a number 7 in 2E is broader than 7 in normal category. 
  6. Should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Check all the above parameters and you should be fine

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